Bar Soap, Milk + Honey

Bar Soap, Milk + Honey

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The Nectar Republic Bar Soap is a 5 ounce handcrafted goat’s milk soap with a soft, sweet, wholesome and comforting aroma. 

Ingredient Benefits:

  • Oatmeal - natural exfoliant, unclogs pores and improves the texture and appearance of your skin.
  • Honey - rich moisturizer full of antioxidants, perfect for dry skin, aging skin.
  • Goat’s Milk - gentle cleanser loaded with natural vitamins.

Why we love

Nectar Republic

Nectar Republic was founded on the principle "believe in yourself, work hard and do good." Each product is handmade with wholesome ingredients and eco-friendly materials, that smell just as beautiful as they look.

Impact: Nectar Republic seeks to "bee" the change by donating 5% of their profits to the Save the Bees Foundation.

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